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Top-Quality Concrete Landscaping Services

As a leading provider of excellent concrete services and installations in Columbia, DNA Concrete Columbia has a diverse collection of products and services that are all things – you guessed it – concrete, that is sure to achieve your dreams of having a wonderful exterior landscape for your property. With just a single phone call, our team will be there in a jiffy, whether it be for renovating your patios, replacing the dull grays of your driveway, paving a walkway and sidewalk from scratch, or even if it’s just planning a decorative layout that you’d like to have. 

We take in projects big or small, from residential makeovers to commercial exterior improvements, and accommodate clients from all walks of life within the areas of Columbia, MO. Rest assured that our team will guide you in every step of the process – from providing you a free quote, assessing the external site of your property, and giving you recommendations and updates as we work along the way until the dazzling new concrete lives up to your standards.

Concrete Patios

Homeowners love concrete patios because it allows them to choose from a variety of designs for the interior and exterior spaces.  If you have a large area in your backyard and you want to turn it into a decorative flooring surface for your outdoor gatherings, then look no further.  Our expert designers can help customize your patios according to your preferences based on the size of your space area, the activities or functions you wish to have, plans on the placement of furniture and other fixtures, and all other considerations that will create the most impressive picture-perfect view of your living space.

Concrete Sidewalk and Walkway Repair and Installation

We offer the best concrete sidewalk and walkway installation services in Columbia.  With our state-of-the-art equipment, concrete pouring and paving processes, and a high-quality end result that satisfies the most meticulous customers. Our concrete walkways’ design combines the appeal and function required for any outdoor space or landscape.  Our expertise encompasses our years of experience in concrete design and installation.  

Concrete Pool Decks and Shed Pads

We are your best partners when it comes to renovation and installation needs.  Whether you want your pool deck renovated or you see the need of adding a new concrete shed pad in your backyard, we can offer top-notch service by our best skillset and quality materials to come up with the best customer experience and the exterior landscape that you deserve and more.

You can choose from a variety of our concrete pool deck designs, ranging from the ever-classic broom finished concrete, to the premium touch of stamped concrete, or a combination of both with textured concrete.

For your residential and commercial heavy-duty shed pad requirements,  we recommend concrete shed pads to make it weather-proof, resistant to ground movement, and low maintenance in order to save you lots of time and money in the long run.

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