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Concrete Contractor in Columbia

Concrete has long been a common material choice when it comes to building industrial structures and roadways (as it should). With its extremely durable surface and versatility to take any shape and size, it’s not a surprise that it’s among the top picks when it comes to quality, price, and longevity. But hear us out: What if you take all those good things and put them in your property? Imagine the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of – with that sleek driveway, decorative walls, customized pathways, and a newly transformed patio and garden space. It’s nothing that good, quality concrete landscaping can’t do.

If you’re thinking about building or renovating any of your exterior space, you may know that concrete has been popular among property owners in any type of landscaping structure. Paving an elegant walkway through your garden? Setting up slabs of decorative concrete in the middle of your patios? Need a strong foundation for your pool decks and sheds? Or perhaps you want to simply explore the decorative potentials of concrete? The possibilities for concrete landscaping are endless. And you’re more than free to do so!

Professional Concrete Flatwork

So, you got the layout in your mind, the design and patterns noted down, and the budget already – and the real question pops up: where do you start? For a few fixes here and there, you can choose to go the DIY route, buy a concrete mix, and hope for the best. But what else are concrete landscaping companies like us here for? From planning the layout and material choices to assessing the best techniques and approaches to take, to offering you a quote that best suits your needs, it would be best to have the guidance of a professional to guarantee that you get the best experience. A top-notch professional, one that has years of concrete experience, a trustworthy team, state-of-the-art equipment, and all those shiny certifications to give you that peace of mind.

Thankfully, we at DNA Concrete and Landscaping are here to help you out.

Who are We?

Choosing the best for your property means choosing the best concrete contractor in your area. Might as well go all-out, right? The leading team can give you both quality concrete landscapes and an efficient working process, all while providing you the best experience throughout. If you’re somewhere around the areas of Columbia, MO, browsing through the “concrete contractors near me” pages and hoping to find the perfect Concrete Contractor Columbia for you, then allow us to introduce ourselves – we’re DNA Concrete and Landscaping LLC, the reliable concrete installation contractors across Columbia, Missouri, and the exact team that you’re looking for!

For the longest time, our track record has always been about delivering quality concrete and landscaping for residential and commercial properties. Our team of professionals can handle any kind of concrete installation and replacement work, starting from the initial assessment and quoting, sketching the plans and layout, choosing the right materials, until execution. We take pride in the consistent, top-quality concrete landscaping services that we offer anytime and everywhere in Columbia, MO so you are guaranteed the experience and satisfaction that you deserve.

Why Would I Want Concrete Landscaping

  1. It is strong and durable

– Since the earliest times, concrete has been made to use in the construction of different structures because of its ability to withstand cracking/crumbling and ease of handling. This also serves as the foundation for landscaping and architecture – providing a sturdy hold on the structure that makes them perfect for pool deck designs and shed pads surface.

  1. It is easy to maintain

– Having a set of expert concrete mixers like our results to long-lasting concrete structures and can do without any required regular maintenance. It saves on maintenance costs and labor as it is less likely to sustain damages for a long time.

  1. It is versatile

– Concrete (specifically concrete pouring) can turn into different shapes of all sizes, which is already a perfect candidate for flexible landscape designs such as curves and other patterns. DNA Concrete and Landscaping LLC offers all different types of concrete to accommodate our customer preferences.

  1. It is cost-effective

– Compared to expensive surfaces such as wood and brick, concrete is by far one of the cheapest and offers the same degree of quality and aesthetic for any type of landscape structure. It can also imitate high-end surfaces to make it seem like a different material (e.g. natural stones) while retaining its robustness and versatility.

Affordable Concrete Landscaping in Columbia

Each of our customers has different needs and preferences, and DNA Concrete and Landscaping LLC ensures that our catalogs can accommodate each and every one. We understand that concrete installation is not a simple task the bigger the project is – that is why we constantly maintain trained contractors, commercial-grade equipment, and proper techniques so that we meet our service standards at all times. 

Concrete Patios

One thing about patios is that they should be one of the most appealing exterior spaces in any of your properties. Consider our decorative concrete floorings and slabs to add to the aesthetic of your outdoor patios. We can accommodate customized patterns and designs for more flexibility – everything to recreate the perfect image in your plans.

Concrete Driveways

It’s not “just a driveway”. They too are an extension of your property, and having a well-kept exterior means keeping your driveways functional and presentable as well. Repair the worn-out concrete sections and slabs with concrete leveling and filling, and choose from a variety of decorative options to give life to your space.

Concrete Pool Decks and Shed Pads

We offer concrete pool deck renovation and installation to provide a sturdy surface for lounging and swimming needs. Our concrete materials are highly resistant to weathering and ground movement, so shed pad installation is also something we offer to our customers. The long-lasting capabilities and strength of concrete pads will ensure that heavy-duty equipment is properly stored and little to no maintenance is needed throughout.

Concrete Walkways and Sidewalks

Spruce up the paths leading up to your home by hiring our in-demand Columbia concrete walkways and sidewalks renovations. Leave the old cracks, bumps, and rough surfaces to give your sidewalks more appeal with textured concrete. Not only would you be giving people a safe platform to step on – but they’ll also most likely be passing by again (looking at the commercial business properties!)

Concrete Patterns and Design

DNA Concrete and Landscaping LLC also has different types of concrete materials and finishings to choose from. A broom finished concrete is slip-resistant and provides a simple texture for the extra sleekness. It’s mostly used for our pool decks and shed pads services. Stamped concrete is for the premium pizzaz and rivals that of commonly used decorative surfaces (e.g. stone and wood). If you want both, then textured concrete with either a specific color or sealant serves as the middle ground and also a customer favorite due to its balance qualities.

Retaining Wall Installation Experts

Looking for a retaining wall installation company in Columbia, MO? Look no further than DNA Concrete and Landscaping! We offer a wide variety of retaining walls that are perfect for any landscape. We also provide other landscaping services such as concrete work, grading, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our retaining wall services and how they can transform your property!

Why Choose DNA Concrete and Landscaping LLC?

Top Quality Concrete

– We’re not called the top concrete contractors in Columbia, MO for nothing. Our concrete materials come from our trusted manufacturers, making sure we research the right mixture of different chemicals to ensure the highest quality of concrete. They are usually paired with our highly invested equipment to service both big and small subjects with the utmost standard.

Licensed and Trained Team

– Some concrete filling projects are do-it-yourself friendly, but if you’re planning on bigger projects such as concrete deck restoration and concrete sidewalk installation, then hiring us for our experienced and trained team will be the best course of option. We make sure that each of our staff is informed of best practices and techniques to perform our processes accurately and efficiently.

Experience and Reputation

– Nothing beats years of experience in the field, handling tons of concrete installation and renovation projects across Columbia. We have high regard for our reputation towards our clients, making sure that each of our customer needs is met and assuring 100% guaranteed client satisfaction.

If you want to get a hold of the S-grade, sturdy, and top-of-the-line concrete company in Columbia, MO, the #1 concrete contractor at DNA Concrete and Landscaping LLC is the right decision. With our elaborate experience in installing and renovating concrete surfaces for pool decks, storage shed pads, walkways, and sidewalks, as well as patios. you can let your mind wander to even the most complicated scope and designs without fail! Perhaps you can say you can make your dreams come true with a single phone call, and it doesn’t get any easier than that. Contact us today!!


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